Racial Shaming Within The Industry and Why it’s wrong!!!

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I wrote this blog almost two years ago, time to revisit it… I’m noticing more and more ladies tweeting about this, why do you care? Even some clients I used to see are joining in the complaints..

Yes, I’ve been meaning to write this blog for a very long time. I feel very passionate about this subject. So fuck it, I’m going to write about it…

I’m an easy target for the “bashers.” Why? Because I’m picky about my racial preferences in the men I see in this industry. Why am I so picky? Because I can be…. PERIOD.    Why would you need to know why? Why should I feel the need to explain to people who don’t pay my bills why I’m so picky. It’s not for everyone to understand.  I get asked “why” all of the time.  I’m not a public servant, I don’t work for the government, I’m not catering to everyone. I’m a private business who can refuse service to anyone I want.  My body, my rules. I want to see the same types of men I would date in my private life, and I do! Lucky me.

I’ve been an adult entertainer for 20 years and have fine tuned the way I do things. It took me many many many years of “taking one for the team” to figure out what type of men I want to see. Yes I worked from the bottom up. I didn’t start at the top. I didn’t get that luxury. And no I’m not “privileged” either.  I’ve had to kiss many frogs to find what few “princes”(wonderful clients) I have. And yes I’m VERY low volume and appreciate the few I see.  I’ve always been picky about my preferences, even in the whore houses(many years ago) when I first started. I would hide in another room when I saw who was at the door so they wouldn’t pick me. And I would do that even if the guy looked funny or scary regardless of race.. Glad I had that luxury back then. A lot of whore house owners would make you stand in the line up anyway… fuck that!  I’ve had to take a few for the team back in the day before I tightened up my screening, when I didn’t really know who was on the other side of the door. What am I to do? Turn them away and make myself look bad? Back then I wanted to be “fair”. And I cared about reviews… I don’t care about reviews anymore. I could take down my website down now and be fine…

Now back to shaming.. I read  the boards (when I’m bored) and see black men and random white girls, and NOW black women complaining about women who have these preferences and everyone jumps on the threads shaming the ladies who are picky. It’s a good thing I read  the boards, I get to pick and choose who I want to shoot with also. I see the ladies calling other ladies like myself “racist” cause I don’t see black men. Well I don’t see Indian men, Middle Eastern and guys under 35(usually) either! How come they aren’t bitching about that? Why would any other escort worry so much about who I choose to spend my intimate time with? Doesn’t make sense to me. I would never bitch about the guys they DO see or how the run their business…  I think that these women who shame others for their preferences are trying to earn brownie points and to let everyone else know they aren’t like that. Good for them. I’m honest about my preferences, it says so on my site. I get hate mail from black men every-time I tour and I also get nice emails from black men saying thanks for being honest. I also get bashed for saying my preferences on my site, it offends them. Don’t read my fucking site!  Then how would you know who I want to see if it’s not on my site? What the fuck?????

It’s like if McDonalds quit selling french fries, and Burger King starts to bash them about that. ” OMG, I can’t believe they don’t sell french fries” ” who do they think they are?” french fry-ist?” NO….. Burger King would say, “well we sell french fries! Come on over! We have plenty! “More business for us, yay!” See where I’m going with this? As I’ve always said, more cock for you(I mean fries), you can suck the cock(eat all the fries) I won’t… It’s a win win! Suck on sista! Yes I used the word “cock” in my blog… and fuck….

Ladies will judge you for just about anything in this industry. From kissing to GFE to whatever you cater to. Rates, clientele, screening, etc… It’s rather annoying… Stay in your lane ladies…

I’ve had ladies complain about me on twitter, telling other ladies not to book a shoot with me cause I’m a “racist cunt” cause I have preferences on my site. What does that have to do with my photography? Really?

The black ladies who don’t see black guys don’t get bashed/shamed.. Why not? I read on the boards months ago, someone saying they don’t understand why white women won’t see black men but overlook or understand why black women won’t.. How does that even make sense?

There are ladies who say they had trouble out of white clients but wouldn’t stop seeing them. Thats their experience, not mine…. Women who have to see anyone and everyone in this business burn out quickly.

Everyone wonders why I get so upset about this issue, or I’m going overboard. I get upset because I read the boards and feel like girls like me get ganged up on… Just go read for yourself! Not many women will stand up for themselves over these issues, I guess I’ll have to…

I consider my selectiveness a good business move…. If you don’t like the way I conduct my business, then by all means call the better business bureau… Here is the number 1 (703) 276-0100

I’ve ran out of thoughts on this subject….

Your opinions don’t pay my bills…



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  • Ashleyparkervip
    May 17, 2017

    Racial Shaming is a real problem in this industry. I admire your decision to write about such a sensitive subject​. Thank you!

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