I don’t ask for much, but what I do ask for I expect, and I will tolerate nothing less. Our correspondence and time together will be a smoother and much more pleasurable experience if you make a genuine effort to read my etiquette page and the rest of my website, and follow my rules and guidelines without question.

Rules When Booking Companions

Megan’s No-No Rules

DO NOT write a review on me. I DO NOT allow or encourage reviews. Our time is private.
DO NOT talk about donations in email, in text, on the phone, private messages, or in person.
DO NOT ask about services or talk about anything sexual in nature. I offer my time and companionship ONLY.
DO NOT haggle or ask for a discount. You would be offended if your employer asked you to take a pay cut.
DO NOT fill out my contact form with fake or partial information. If it appears you are being deceptive, your appointment request will be denied and you will be blocked.
DO NOT ask for a face picture, I will not send one.
DO NOT try to push boundaries or question any of my rules or policies.
DO NOT gossip or talk about other escorts. Our time together should be a positive experience.

Megan’s Golden Rules

Please read my entire website before contacting me, and fill out my contact form completely and accurately.
I’m newbie friendly. So if you don’t have references, just make sure to fill in the employment section.
Please make sure you arrive on time! If you will be late, let me know well ahead of time.
Please arrive freshly showered and very little cologne, if any at all.
Please have your ID ready before our date begins so I can verify the information on your appointment form.
Please show good manners, respect, and civility at all times.
Please place donation in plain sight and not in an envelope.
I do NOT smoke or do drugs. Please keep your bad habits to yourself.

Follow Every Escort’s Rules & Etiquette Policy

Although these are my personal rules and what I consider proper etiquette when trying to make an appointment with me, most of them apply to other ladies as well. But each companion has her own set of rules and policies in place. So be sure to look over her website and check with her before assuming her comfort level and what she does and does not allow.