General Questions

No matter whether we’ve known each other for a week or several years, I always prefer to get my beauty rest alone and in my own room. I prefer at least 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. You don’t want to see me cranky, do you?

No. The maximum amount of time for new clients is a 12-hour/all-day(i.e. 9 AM-9 PM) appointment. We first need to have an initial date to see if we are compatible. I usually suggest at least a 4-hour date to get to know each other. Once that initial date is out of the way and we both feel comfortable with each other, we can discuss longer dates.

I value discretion and like my privacy just as much as you do. So I never try to stand out or “make a scene” whenever we are out in public. If we are in a professional environment, then I make it a point to blend in. Same thing if we are in a more casual environment. At no time during our date will you be worried about any negative attention I bring you.

I also understand the hesitation about giving someone your personal information. Safety is paramount to both of us. That’s why screening is necessary—safety. That’s also why the screening information you send me is sent through a secure form and is never shared with anyone else. All screening info is verified in a very discreet manner with virtually no threat to your confidentiality.

Yes, but you will need to ask me beforehand. DO NOT give my cell # to anyone. After you ask me to give you a reference, I will let you know how I would like to be contacted.

Not unless we have previously met and you contact me early enough in the day. I usually require at least a 48-hour period to screen you, but that could also depend on the information you provide and how easy or hard it is to verify your info.

Of course! I’m a photographer and I take all of my own photos. I usually update my gallery at least every two months with my most recent pictures placed at the top of the page.

I love women, but I usually prefer to fly solo. There are a few select ladies that I feel I am compatible with. But it’s always best to check with me first before attempting to make any kind of arrangements.

I do NOT offer any outcall services. Incall only(that means you come to me) and no exceptions.

Yes. But I’m very selective and I do have a 2-hour minimum for couples. Both of you will have to pass screening.

Yes, with proper screening. Everyone goes through the exact same screening process, and those without references are verified no differently than those with references. As long as you are honest and respectful when contacting me and filling out my appointment form, there shouldn’t be any problems.

I travel to many cities throughout the year. If you don’t see your city on my Calendar, then you can fill out my appointment form requesting travel to your city with a specific day or time frame when you’d like me to visit. Please keep in mind that longer appointments are usually required(4 hours or more) and given more consideration. This depends on a few factors, including the exact date, the city and distance I must travel, the time of the year, and how much planning will be required. I also have an Exclusive Date package if you would like me to travel just for you.