Just Rambling…

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Just a few quick thoughts over my morning coffee.... I get asked to travel to certain cities all of the time, and they usually only want a two hour appointment. Do you know how expensive it is to tour? Gas, hotels, airfare, car rentals, food, etc,  it adds up! I don't mind hopping on a plane or driving for a longer appointment(expenses paid), or possibly a travel fee. Same thing for my photography business, send me a plane ticket and book a Diva or a Diva ...

Private Photo Group?

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Being both an escort and an adult photographer with high standards can be exhausting. I woke up this morning thinking about all of the hard work, creativity, time and money I put into my business and my own photos. But who sees them? For the most part, people who will never make an appointment with me and people who I will very rarely, if ever, interact with in a real-world setting. When I post them on social media, it's generally just random people viewing them who ...

Happy Fourth Everyone!

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I've been doing a series of fourth of July photos and I'm not done yet. I'm feeling very patriotic this year and plan on celebrating. Actually I've been patriotic since Trump got elected. I'm proud to be an American, and proud of our president! MAGA! I hope everyone has a fun and safe fourth! Peace :~)

New Projects!

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I'm always searching for new ideas and new projects for my photography. I would love to post my ideas but would rather show them off afterwards. I have enough copy cats. My brain doesn't stop, it's tough keeping up with all of my ideas. As for travels, I hope to travel to Dallas and Phoenix this summer. I get a ton of requests for all over, so I hope to make a couple of cities work this summer. Also, I've recently added a new toy to my ...

Summer of Love in Nashville..

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Summer of Love.... Megan Love Photography :~) You'll love your photos. Your clients will love your photos. You'll love the boost in business from your professional new photos. You'll love the better class of clients you'll get from our shoot. You'll love all of the dinner dates and extended appointments you'll get. You'll love the fact that you can raise your rates and GET IT after our shoot. You'll love having an experienced escort who is a professional photographer capturing the real you, in a creative unique way. You'll ...

Erotic Monkey “EM”

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This trashy site steals ads and puts them on their site with fake reviews. I haven't had a review in about three years and I don't want them. I have a no review policy. Been getting a ton of emails from erotic monkey and quite frankly, not sure I would ever see someone who reads that site, this site attracts bottom feeder tricks. My skin crawls every time I get an EM message... Thanks!

How to prepare for a shoot with Megan Love:~)

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I wrote this blog almost three years ago, time to revisit it! I hate having my photos done just as much as everyone else. But it has to be done! We sell ourselves on our images, personas, etc. We try(most of us) to set ourselves apart from the rest of the herd. We do our best to be unique and sexy. Our photos are extremely important. It tells the guys who we are and what type of client we want to attract. I do my very ...

Holiday Photo Special From Gifting Clients!

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I've been thinking about how I want to approach the holidays with my photography and figured I'd do a special. This special is for clients who want to gift their ATF's with a photoshoot. What better way to say thank you to your favorite lady than a photoshoot? We all need the extra advertising and income around the holidays, am I right ladies? I'm offering this special for in studio shooting or local to me (Nashville) only. I'd prefer my studio. Guys, please send me ...

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