I’m not just a photographer…

I keep forgetting to blog about this! I’ve been getting ladies asking about my editing services. I used to feel odd about editing someone else’s work, but understand when a lady asks, and am willing to help. Before I became a photographer I would wait forever for my edits and they usually didn’t give me enough or I didn’t like the way they edited my photos. I’ve had ladies complain that the photographer didn’t hold up to their end of the deal and they were left with a bunch of raw images that they love but needed some editing. So I totally understand!

I mean why not edit in my spare time?

I charge 10/20 dollars an edit, depending on the type of edit.

Of course I charge more for tattoo removal, depending on how many tattoos and where they are located on your body. We can discuss this before hand and work out a good rate.

I also give the photo to you in black and white as well as color, and I crop and resize for web.

That is all, just wanted to let you ladies know!

What do you think?

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