Strictly Social Great for Introductions
  • This is strictly a social date where we can get to know each other over brunch, lunch, dinner, or any other social setting.
  • Up to 90 minutes of social time.
  • *The fee must be paid before our date.
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Regular Rates

The rates for “Top Secret Missions” in Nashville and all other US cities.

1 Hour
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90 minutes
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2 Hours
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3 Hours
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6 Hours
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8 Hours
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12 Hours
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24 Hours
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VIP Rates

VIP Rates

These are special rates that are only available to VIP Members of my private website. If you are a “longer date” type of gentleman, being a VIP Member is well worth it. Get your membership.

Deposit & Cancellation Policies

When scheduling an appointment with me, you must send a $200 deposit to finalize the reservation. Your appointment will not be secured until I receive the deposit. If I have another appointment request for the day/time you’ve requested and you have not yet sent your deposit, then that time will be given to whoever sends their deposit first.

*Social Dates – The full fee must be paid in advance before our date.

*12 & 24 hour, and Weekend packages outside the Nashville, TN area will require a 25% deposit before the reservation is scheduled.

Should I have to cancel for any reason, you will have the option of using your deposit for another scheduled time, or you can receive a full refund of the deposit. Should you cancel our appointment after I have already finalized my travel arrangements, then you will forfeit your deposit. In some cases your deposit may be used to secure another appointment.

Special Democrat Tax

Regular rates are for Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, and those who are apolitical. There is a special rate of $3,000/hour if you are a Democrat. There’s also a $2,000 deposit instead of the normal $200. You voted for higher prices and inflation, so you pay for it.