• Diva/Diva Duo Q&A

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    I'm going to go over some questions that ladies ask often when they book a Diva or a Diva Duo shoot. This blog is long overdue. Do I have to shoot all day?   No you don't have to shoot all day, you can shoot as long or as little as you want. I will however let you know if we should shoot a little longer to accommodate your package. If I feel like you don't have enough shots, I'll want to shoot a bit longer, unless you ...

  • Happy Valentines Day!

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    I hope everyone had a wonderful day with your sweethearts. I took photos, cooked, worked on some projects and drank Champagne today. It was a very pleasant day, no complaints! Just wanted to announce some tours. I'm wanting to travel to Knoxville, Asheville, Raleigh, Charlotte the end of this month, beginning of March. Louisville, St Louis, Tulsa, Dallas starting March 7th, ending with Dallas. After that I'm taking travel requests! Again, Happy Valentines day!

  • Happy Holidays!

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    I'm actually excited about the holidays this year, I even got a tree! When I decorate a tree, I go all out, it better look magazine quality. I even wrapped presents, I hate wrapping presents, gift bags are always convenient. But this year, I wanted to wrap presents for a pleasant backdrop for photos.  I haven't had a tree in three years, but this year is different. I've had an amazing year and want to celebrate the end of my awesome year with an awesome ...

  • Private Photo Group?

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    Being both an escort and an adult photographer with high standards can be exhausting. I woke up this morning thinking about all of the hard work, creativity, time and money I put into my business and my own photos. But who sees them? For the most part, people who will never make an appointment with me and people who I will very rarely, if ever, interact with in a real-world setting. When I post them on social media, it's generally just random people viewing them who ...

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