Things Clients Should Never Say to an Escort!

I will start with my list, and add the lists of other escorts. I asked around and ladies didn’t hesitate to add to the list! So here goes.. Or things that clients say that annoys us… OR me.. These are things clients have said to me and other ladies…

Escorts have issues cause they are escorts

You aren’t the sexiest woman I’ve been with

I’m in debt, still paying off another escorts bills.

Eat your wheaties! Who says that? lol

Can you “cum” to my city, who spells like that?

Do we really have to use a condom?

My appt canceled today, are you available? We dont want to know we are 2nd or 3rd choice guys!

It’s ok, the doctor said it will go away with meds

I will be 15 minutes late

What’s your real name?

Do you really like doing this?

Does your kids know?

I don’t want you to see anyone but me but will not compensate you for the money you lose.

But the last 4 ladies I saw didn’t ask for real information

Please don’t fake an orgasm

Is this the only work you do?

What is your menu?

Will you marry me?

How many clients do you see a week?

How many clients do you see a day?

When was your last appt?

How much do you make?

Do you pay taxes?

How was I?

I don`t have the full fee, can you see me anyway?

Do you have change?

I`m good looking and great in bed, you should be paying me!

I’d spend more time with you but my I’m still paying on another escorts car or house(that I dont see anymore).

When is your next appt?

how big was the biggest cock you ever had

I really want to come see you, do you have any specials?
Why do you do this?

Id really like to see you, but dont get paid until (future date).
I know what youre profile says, but really, how old are you?
Your incall is nice, i think i want to move here.
Since we’re friends, do i still have to pay?
I noticw you have no face pix, can you send me one?
Ive never been able to see you bc i couldnt afford your rates. Do you think you can give me a special? What if we limit the activities?

You know, you are really beautiful for a hooker.

How much for just daty?

I dont have references but maybe we can meet in the parking lot first?

I only have time for 30 minutes, how much is that? umm same as my hr rate…
I have never done this before, is it GFE? umm never before and you know the acronyms..
I can’t give you my real name, email, I have a lot to loose, but I really want to see you.. Click!
You don’t have to worry, I’m not the police…

Don’t tell us how good another provider is. Or more beautiful

“You were my first and I just thought you were different, however, now since I’ve seen other escorts, I’ve realized that you’re all actually human!!!”

“I mean, you pay bills, you cry, you have children and live, you’re real. You’re really human!”

Guess that wasn’t a question but I did ask him, “You mean, you didn’t think that I was a human being with feelings?”

So what all do I get for the xxx donation.

Send a face pic please.
That’s a lot of money, how about I give you [x amount] instead?
Can you see me in an hour?

I went to the bathroom, that does not pause the clock?

So when you quit the business, can we do it bareback?

So when you quit the business, can we do it for free?

I love you!!

Is this the best you ever had?

You’re so smart – why do you do this?

You’re so pretty – you don’t need to blur your face.

Omg you have been arrested before? I cant believe u broke the law!

I want to take care of you
I want take you away from all this
I’ve been saving up this load for you
(Really? Save your pennies not your load)
It only hurts because they aren’t doing it right
It tastes good on toast!!! (Ewwww)

“I want to be your first appt. of the day”

“I’ve been saving up this load for you”

I made your friend squirt

my regular gal moved away and we kind of bartered. I think you are my new gal…. What specials do you run?

“Do your kids know what you do?”

Yeah, we sit around and compare notes….

“How big are your tits?”

They’re fucking HUGE, did you not see the pics..

“You are different than the rest…… are special”.

“wait, you’re not a cop are you?”

” You’re smarter than I thought you’d be”

1. I need to make sure you aren’t affiliated with LE, can you send me xxx pics?
2. How much for sex?
3. A client told me this: “I’m a teacher but I don’t have a teaching id.” Yeah right
4. You’re really 19?
5. A client did this to me: “I need to see your ID.” No, get out
6. How do I know you’re a real provider? Uh, I’m verified, have okays, etc.
7. BBFS if the tip is right? gtfo
8. What specials do you have? (Did I advertise specials? So, no.)

What if I just do daty can I get a discount

Running any Specials? Do you give Senior Discounts?

“Do you take checks?

“Do you give discounts to hot young studs like myself?

why/how did you get into this?

You`re such a smart girl. Why would you ever do this??

Why do you stoop this low to this type of job?

Can we go out and hang out as friends for free?

Can we grab ‘coffee’?

Are you free?

What are you going to do with your life?

Did you cum?

Do you have any friends?

“I figure pretty much every provider was abused when they were younger. Were you?”

“Please arrive dressed in a low cut top, a metallic micro-miniskirt, thigh high patent leather boots, and no panties.”

“I want to be your first appointment of the day.”

“I want to be your last appointment of the day.”

“Will you send me some photos of your face?”

“Can I make a video recording of our date? It’ll be for my personal use only.”

“Can I see you in an hour?”

“Where do you live?”

“I’m not really comfortable giving you my info. Can we meet for coffee first instead?”

“I’m not really comfortable giving you my info. I’m a nice guy though.”

“I’m not really comfortable giving you my info, but Jane Doe will vouch for me.”

“I’m not really comfortable giving you my info. I swear I’m not a cop, though!”

“I don’t see anyone else, you know.”

“I just wanted to call and see what you are doin’

‘”How long are you around tonight?”

No thanks, I don’t care for mouthwash.

Why can’t we go again? I know we are over time but you were having so much fun!

I can’t make it to our appt in 10mins, I got called in to work.

I will make it up to you.(anyone who has ever said this to me never has)

Will you date me?

I am a nice guy!(Never had a actual nice guy announce he was one.)

How old are you REALLY?

How much do you weigh?

Any special for today? (as if it’s the RESTAURANT)

How many regulars do you have?

What do you do with all your hobby money? (none of your business)

Emailing or texting love poems (resending the same poems to all providers)

Girl you are so beautiful (Hey, I know you say that to every girl)
If your ever in my area give me a call.
Are you free
Is that really you in the picture?
Who did I call.. what is your name again…
How do you look like again?
Is your hair a wig?
Do you wear that much make-up shown in pix?
Does your family know?

Are you being exploited?
What do you mean, you don’t like it when I do that? Just relax and enjoy it, baby.
Where do you live?
Can you come over right now?
Why are you mad that I shorted your donation? I thought you would give me a discount for being such a nice guy.

This is all I have so far!