Tour Dates & Pre-Booking!

I don’t tour much unless it’s to a city close by. But I want to plan a Midwestern trip in June.

Here are the dates so far!

Peoria Il. June 19/20
Chicago IL. June 21
Cedar Rapids IA June 22
Minneapolis MN June 23-25
Des Moines IA June 26
St Louis MO June 27

Now keep in mind that I’ll be tweaking these dates in the next few weeks to fit everyone’s schedule or mine.

Ladies, I’m bringing my camera gear! Erotic Photography

I’m in Memphis most Fridays… But will be in Memphis on May 30/31 as well…

Please pre-book now! I get potential clients on Twitter saying they want to see me but fail to send in screening info, I need to start planning now…

Please and thank you.

What do you think?

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