Exclusive Dates!

I get a emails every so often asking if I would consider touring certain cities. I get asked mostly by women wanting a photoshoot. Now I love being a photographer and always work hard at making your photos look amazing. But I can’t plan a tour half way across the country for a simple shoot (basic/extended). It takes planning, getting the room, buying a ticket or driving, then try to hustle more shoots/clients to make the trip work. I’m already extremely low volume.. About 90% of ladies who contact me for a shoot go silent or never follow through, that makes it tough for planning..

I have no problem jumping on a plane and flying to you, doing an all day shoot (diva, diva duo) just send me a ticket, accommodations, it’s that simple. I’ve done this for a few ladies in the past. Because they understood what it takes to get me there without trying to struggle to make the trip worth while, and these women are business savvy. This goes for clients as well. I get emails asking me to tour their city and only ask for an hour appt……

Not sure if this is a rant or an FYI… Either way, I’ve been wanting to blog about this for a while now.

Just throwing that out there…..

What do you think?

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